Using a sex doll to enlarge the sex

Many men complain about the size of their penis. But, it's not just men, women also want to have a certain standard of vagina size.

I have a small willy

A willy is small when it is not the same size as other men. Everyone has his own penis, but it is necessary to start from the various fundamental details in the anatomy of the sex. The penis is made up of a corpus cavernosum, the one that has veins, the corpus spongiosum that contains urine and sperm, and the urethra, and the tip of the penis or foreskin that contains the tassels, then the two bursae. The sex increases in size as it becomes erect and this is where the true size of the penis can be seen. According to studies, a normal sex at rest measures 9cm with a diameter of 2.5cm. When erect, the size goes up to 13cm with a diameter of 3cm. But even if you have a little penis, you can always fix it.

What about the size of the vagina?

It's not worth having a big penis that can't fit into your partner's vagina. And this posture is an obvious one to talk about. If a woman wants to enlarge or soften her vagina, she can adopt a male sex doll which can be bought or rented. For those who want to work on their orgasms, they can buy a masturbator. That male doll or masturbator are sex toys available in adult stores.

For the size of the vagina, each woman has its morphology. And according to the analysis of sexologists, round women have a smaller and less wide vagina than a thin woman. But anatomically, the depth of the normal vagina is 8cm. The vagina increases by 12cm when she is excited, but only then.

This is where the logic combines, that the size of the normal erect penis can satisfy Madam. So, frankly, what are men looking for when they want to enlarge their penis?

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